Our philosophy is simple; we believe that using energy effectively and producing clean electricity directly from renewable sources are the right things to do for both our environment and economy. Our goal is to provide the best possible energy solutions for our customers. Our system performance and financial analysis are based on practical consideration, and are flexible enough so that our customers can examine various scenarios that are specific to their particular application.

We carefully look at your current utility rate options, projected system performance on monthly basis based on actual site conditions and consider your specific interest rate, electric rate and tax rate scenarios to determine your potential saving/earning over the lifetime of the equipment.

We do a comprehensive assessment of your energy needs, which will help you optimize your energy usage or production. We continuously research the latest products and choose the best technology for your application. We have the tools to accurately determine your savings, earning, incentives and payback; we do not guess and we do not rely on standardized optimistic estimates. You will have a single point of contact for all your work. We use our own crews or very carefully chosen contractors. Our goal is to provide the best energy solutions to your specific needs.