Without the sun, life as we know would not exist. The light and heat radiated by the sun sustain plant and animal life on earth, providing the fuel for all of the planet’s natural processes. Since humans walked on the earth, we’ve used the sun in countless ways.

Most of earth’s surface receives enough sunlight making it viable to use solar energy. In fact, each hour of sunlight that reaches the earth contains potential energy greater than the amount of electricity used annually by every person on the planet.

In recent decades, we’ve discovered ways to effectively convert the sun’s energy into clean, reliable sources of useful energy economically. These technologies are called Photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal respectively. Solar energy converted by these technologies can be stored and used later efficiently.

Photovoltaic (PV) means “light electricity” is a diverse technology that converts the sunlight directly into electricity. This electricity can provide power to your homes, businesses with the capability to meet a wide variety of electrical needs.

Harnessing solar power will be important for our energy future, providing energy diversity and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels which pollute the environment. Solar technology is also versatile can be used in space or on Earth, at sea or on land in remote areas where electricity is needed.

The Ontario and federal Government’s incentive programs offer property owners and businesses an extraordinary opportunity to reduce energy costs, improve energy efficiency, and generate additional income by installing solar energy generating equipment on normally unused roof areas. The Ontario government’s Feed in Tariff programs will pay property owners and businesses who generate solar electricity and federal government provide accelerated depreciation of total system costs.

Although solar energy solutions come with an initial cost, solar energy options have many advantages. Moreover, with financial incentives for solar from the governments it is possible to easily displace your energy expenses. Opting for solar Energy not only financially rewarding but also enabling you to make great contribution to avoid fossil fuel and making our world a better place.