Our solar energy systems convert the sunlight into usable energy that can be used in homes, businesses and other enterprises. Solar energy being easy to harness, use, store, comes with a lot of flexibility and can be customized into usable solutions as per your requirements. Use of right equipment in right configurations ensures that the solar solutions planned are financially viable and fit into spaces available.

Hybrid energy options are also available that can be used to mix other renewables and traditional energy sources with solar to produce the energy needed to run the homes and enterprises. Hybrid system is very useful in parts of the world where sunlight is not abundant and consumption is very high.

We continuously research and source the highest quality materials with best warranties from reputable manufactures for our projects.

Taking into consideration of weather patterns in Ontario we offer the following solar solutions to Ontario market:

Solar electric grid tied solutions

Solar electric grid-interactive solutions

Hybrid electric solutions

Solar thermal pool heating solutions

Solar thermal domestic heating solutions


Our solar electric system comes with the following benefits;

The highest quality, high efficient Ontario made solar panels of your choice

The highest quality, high efficient inverter of your choice

The highest quality energy optimizers

Web monitoring to monitor your system from any part of the world

The highest quality balance of system components

25 – year Manufacturer’s Module Warranty

40 – year plus solar module life expectancy

10 – year warranty on other components



Ontario government stared the solar incentive program called Feed in Tariff in 2009 and it is in its sixth year. These incentives are only offered for limited time and not forever. Once you are locked in for these incentives you will receive it for 20 years from the date your system come into operation. From the experience form other countries such as Germany these incentives are offered for about five to ten year time period.

Since Ontario program is at its fifth year and solar energy system cost has come down substantially, no is the best time to go for solar electricity. With Ontario & federal government’s incentives and our solar electric solutions can produce and annual return on your investment upward of 11%.

Five Easy Steps to going solar:

1. Contact us for free solar assessment.

2. We provide you a customized proposal tailored for your property.

3.  Choose a system that best meets your needs and budget.

4. We handle all aspects of your solar project including incentive applications, permitting, testing and connection.

5. We arrange to connect your system and payment for your electricity.

We will walk you through every step of proposal, financing options to help you find the best solution at the most competitive rate. Once your solar electric system is installed and connected you get paid for your electricity for 20 years.  Your solar energy monitoring system will monitor your system performance and alert you.