We provide the following solar solutions to our residential customers:
Solar electric grid tied solution
Solar electric grid-interactive solution
Solar thermal pool heating solution

Residential solar electric system will normally come under Ontario government’s Micro Feed in Tariff program. Micro Feed in Tariff program has solar electric system size limit of 10 KW and will pay $0.392 per every kilo watt hours of electricity produced by solar electric system for 20 years.

As an Ontario property owner you’re not just only going to get paid for your solar electricity, you will actually use your solar electricity as well, thanks to Ontario government’s incentive program.

In designing your residential solar solutions we provide high consideration to the following;
Aesthetics of your home
Roof layouts
Optimal electricity production

Base on above consideration we propose the optimum size solar system for your home. You can select the recommended size system or any other system smaller than the proposed size.