New Dawn provides range of products and services required to provide our customers with turnkey energy solutions to meet their energy goals. Our products and services can be easily integrated to address your energy needs effectively.


New Dawn offers services that help you to analyze and select the effective energy solutions for your energy needs, implement the selected energy solutions effectively on time, budget with minimal disruptions to your operations and continuously improve on your energy plans.

Our services include but not limited:

> Need assessment
> Feasibility analysis
> Audits
> Consent services
> Project management
> Turnkey installation of solar power system
> Turnkey energy solutions
> System Integration of onsite energy systems
> Training
> Maintenance


To provide you the best possible energy solutions New Dawn also provides many innovative high quality products that would integrate neatly into your energy saving and local energy generation applications. In addition to supplying these products we help integrate them into your energy plans and systems seamlessly.

Our Products include but not limited to:

Solar panels
> Mounting systems
> Charge controllers
> Deep cycle batteries
> Inverter
> Energy optimizing systems
> Monitoring Systems
> Variable Frequency Drives
> Day lighting products
> Energy efficient lighting
> Energy meters and monitors
> Packaged grid-tie systems
> Portable solar generators & power systems
> Solar heating and cooling systems
> Solar street lights & signs
> Solar pool heaters
> Solar water heaters
> Solar water pumps
> Small wind turbines
> Automation systems