New Dawn Energy is a company that is lucky to be able to assist people and organizations with their energy needs in the local communities we operate to make the environment better.

In international markets we offer the following energy solutions:

Solar grid tied solutions

Solar off-grid solutions

Solar grid-interactive solutions

Hybrid energy solutions

Micro-grid solutions

Solar powered generators

Solar Water Pumping System

Solar Street lighting solutions

Solar security lighting solutions

Solar thermal solutions

Off grid solutions from New Dawn are focused on remote installations where grid power does not exist or unreliable. Integrating off-grid solutions is our specialty, our solutions take into account the geographical locations and consumption requirements. We offer both, standard and backup PV solutions that are either fully solar or hybrid (diesel/solar/wind).

Our solar solutions help to reduce operational cost and make the environment better by displacing or reduce the use of fossil fuel generators. In current context of operational expenditure, our solar off-grid solutions give better value for money, reduced emissions and make the world better place.