We provide a range of services that help our clients understand their energy usage, improve on their usage, and produce their energy more economically. Our services include:

Our services include:

– Energy Audits
– Recommend Energy Efficiency Measures
– Energy Life Cycle Plan
– Onsite energy generation
– Project Management

Energy Audits  
An energy audit is an inspection, survey and analysis of a building to identify viable and cost effective energy efficiency measures that will reduce the energy use and operating costs of the facility. Depending on the situation New Dawn Energy Solutions can provide preliminary or simple audit or advanced general energy audit or a virtual building simulation.

New Dawn Energy audit will:
Evaluate every energy using equipment
Establish energy baseline
Identify ways to energy efficiency and decrease maintenance costs
Propose economically feasible energy efficiency measures

Energy Efficiency Measures  

Our knowledge of incentives enables us to provide our clients with a strategy for selecting the energy measures and securing additional funding. New Dawn Energy Solutions will help in all aspects of the incentives process, from coordinating paperwork to ensuring that incentive requirements are met.

Energy Life Cycle Plan

The Energy Life Cycle Plan is a working plan that is continuously updated to reflect changes, review progress and make improvements though experience and stakeholder communication.

Working with the stakeholder of our customers’ properties New Dawn Energy Solutions can create an Energy Life Cycle Plan which can be used to continuously review and improve your property and its energy usage. Our Energy Life Cycle Plan can help our clients maintain the best rating of their facilities.

We identify the energy efficiency measures through energy audits and energy stakeholder meetings as part of the Energy Life Cycle Plan. New Dawn Energy Solutions can also help our clients with the support necessary to execute the recommended energy efficiency measures.

As part of Energy Life Cycle plan each recommended measures will includes a cost benefit analysis detailing the costs associated with the project, expected energy savings and payback period, as well as any incentives that may help to alleviate costs and the optimal time to implement the measures.

Onsite energy generation

Real commitment to truly sustainable goes beyond energy efficiency and saving on energy cost. We strongly believe that any energy solutions we implement should have better long term impact on the surroundings and the environment. Accordingly our energy solutions also include onsite energy generation from renewable sources and other sources will reduce the environmental foot of our customers.

Project Management

Once an energy plan is developed and agreed with customer our project management team will plan out the tasks associated with your energy plan and coordinate with all the stakeholders to implement the energy plan on time with minimal disruption to your day to activities